Dumping Charles Schwab

The time has come for me to break-up with my bank. We’ve had a complicated relationship for some time now — ever since Charles Schwab donated $1M to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

And now, the damn prick continues to double down; giving millions away to Trump and Republicans. Schwab even donated over $100,000 to pay for Trump’s legal fees when he was being investigated by Robert Mueller. There just seems to be no limit to Schwab’s loyalty to this corrupt political party.

Changing banks is hard in the modern era. I now must find a new home for investment and savings accounts, IRA account, and my personal and business checking accounts. It’s a lot of work. But it must be done. And all those automatic payments to transition to the new bank — Netflix, Amazon, mortgage, Verizon, and of course my weed dealer and the liquor store.

It’s really too bad because other than being owned by a fucking contemptible and hateful, soul-sucking, democracy-destroying, Trump zealot, Schwab is a great investment and banking platform.

But messages must be sent. Stands must be taken. The greed-heads must not control every element of my life. I will move my pint-sized portfolio to someone with more ethics.

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